Friday, May 29, 2020

The Graying

In November, 1997, KCS 4507 (an SD 45-3) is stopped on the passing siding with a northbound (compass west) grain train at Page, Oklahoma.

In the fog at Rich Mountain.

Empty coal train headed north (compass west) off Rich Mountain.

Editor's Note (July 4, 2020):  Dale Jacobson noted an error in the above text:  "The Chihuahua Al Pacifico (ChP) is no longer a RR.  It was included in the Ferromex RR when the Mexican government privatized the RR's.  Ferromex is perhaps the largest of the Mexican RR's now extant as it includes not only the ChP, but parts of the old National RR of Mexico (NdeM) and Ferracerril al Pacifico (FCP) and perhaps others as well."

Southbound grain crossing the Arkansas River.

Fall foliage at Page, Oklahoma -- November 1990.

KCS deep in the Ouachita Mountains.

KCS 641 South leads a mixed freight from Oklahoma into Arkansas.

Here is the same train at Rich Mountain, meeting a northbound (compass west) grainer.

Three Gray Ghosts are pushing a loaded coal train up the Rich Mountain grade at Page, Oklahoma.

Gray Ghosts at Sunset

White Knights and Gray Ghosts lead a loaded coal train up the Rich Mountain grade -- 1990.

By 2015, KCS gray units could occasionally be seen.  Here a Gray Ghost is pushing on the rear of a loaded coal train crossing the Arkansas River.

Another mix has just crossed the Arkansas River in 2015, headed south to Heavener.

Light engines headed back to Heavener.

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