Sunday, March 20, 2016

Kingman Canyon: What Am I Doing Up Here?

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  1. Paul, a super essay - I've been reading my way through your site and enjoying it enormously.

    I'm a Brit, but I know that canyon well - and the bloody gravel. I got half way up my slope and slipped - going uphill! - and after talking a few photos thought, why's my foot damp? Yup. Sustained a nasty cut on that razor sharp rock and bled into my boot!

    Like an idiot, I hadn't packed a first aid kit so I had to trudge all the way back to the rental car down below,and then drive into town in search of a bandaid.

    I've railfanned all over Az, and only got into trouble twice - that time and one other near Shawmut Hill. Both times involved climbing.

    I did the Crookton Cutoff one summer, and behaved very cautiously indeed - the MoW road along the track was appalling.

    Anyways. Enjoy your railfanning for as long as you are able... like you, I keep wanting to see what's over that hill, what's around the next curve.